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Jim initially gave license rights to AstroData, Astro Numeric Service, and Equinox to produce his astrocartography maps.  Their original A*C*G maps are very similar: you get an 11" x 17" world map, a 48-page booklet by Jim Lewis explaining his insights on each planetary locational influence, and a list of your "paran" crossings. Options are also offered. 

Astrocartography Map Resources


German language website for original A*C*G maps. 


Founder-astrologer Robert Currey studied astrocartography under Jim Lewis for many years and sells original A*C*G maps.  EQUINOX has maps enhanced with planet-color-coded lines, your "paran" (latitude) intersections, lunar node lines, and Chiron lines. 


ANS has perhaps sold more original A*C*G astrocartography maps than anyone.  They say their map is your complete horoscope in map form--but, of course, your houses and other key factors are not shown.  Their price is still only $18.


ACS does not sell original Astro*Carto*Graphy maps, but their maps do show the same planet-axis conjunction lines (with new names) as the original A*C*G map.  Better yet, you can special order maps with lines for your planet-axis sextiles, trines and squares--a big advantage over A*C*G maps.  These enhanced maps are not listed on their order page, so you must call 800-888-9983 and request your "AstroLocality map with added aspect lines."  

For good clarity, these enhanced maps feature just one continent, such as, North America, Europe, Australia, etc.  ACS world maps only show conjunctions, so you can clearly distinguish the over-lapping individual lines.  ACS also offers great software to produce your own maps plus horoscopes, reports, calendars, and more.  They have many traditional and innovative products/services, so get their nice catalog. 


Local Space Map


3-D AstroMap

(Not yet invented)

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